Carpigiani Labotronic 15 45 RTL

Gelato Excellent
This is a well-constructed ice cream, easy to serve with a spatula and soft and creamy. Perfect for lengthy display in a showcase. This programme is particularly flexible and can even be used to make very small amounts. Eén knop (key) voor een breed scala aan programma’s.

Gelato Speed
The production cycle is faster and the ice cream itself is perfect, with a good consistency and dry, as well as ready for blast freezing, if necessary. This programme is ideal at the height of the season, when production capacity is at a maximum.

Gelato Hard
The ice cream is more compact, thicker and more stable; it is ideal for those who prefer to use a scoop to serve gelato in balls; it is also perfect for immediate ice cream display in a showcase, when there is not enough time for blast freezing.

Gelato Simply

With this programme, the operator uses one of the three specific cycles to simplify production; this way even relatively inexperienced staff can use it, since the batch freezer will produce the ice cream following the correct settings, entered previously:
1. Cream Gelato (Dairy Gelato)
2. Fruit Gelato
3. Fruit Ice (Fruit Sorbet)



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