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From once offering a single product, the Camtray, sixty years ago, today Cambro offers a wide range of trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, as well as innovative warewashing systems and healthcare meal delivery solutions. The future is certain to bring great changes to our industry. Yet one thing that will remain a constant is Cambro’s tradition of continually developing new products that help food service operators save time and money, increase sales, reduce labor and improve service.

Cam GoBox

Choose the Cam GoBox Large Handle Carrier for added ease of transport in delivery, catering, and curbside pickup! This top loading carrier is made of an eco-friendly, high performance foam material that is ideal for caterers and food service operators who need convenience and durability. Enjoy 4+ hours of safe hot and cold food holding, while the GoBox’s fantastic structural strength protects your carefully prepared meals. Employs large, deep handles for comfortable and ergonomic lifting. Use Cambro’s food safe storage containers with this solution to support your holding and transport HACCP compliance program. This budget friendly insulated carrier is also dishwasher safe, CFC-free, and 100% recyclable. Make a Cam GoBox system the cornerstone of your catering or delivery operation and lighten the load!


An alternative to traditional compartment wash racks, the Cambro Base Racks offer an open rack that fits pots, pans, bowls, and more. Stacks securely with all full or half size Camracks and major manufacturer racks for easy integration. Open inside grating provides thorough circulation of water and promotes quick drying, while closed outer walls keep fingers and contaminates out. These unique closed walls also reduce risk of breakage and injury, while remaining easy to lift and transport with molded-in handles on each rack. Used with the Camrack cover and Camdolly, the system is completely enclosed, so wares stay clean in storage. Built from chemical resistant, dishwasher safe plastic, a variety of colors are offered to identify and inventory contents at a glance. Create a convenient wait station storage rack, reduce handwashing of wares, and more with the Base Rack!

Cambro Barware & Goblets

Aliso Barware replicates the look, heft and clarity of glass with shatterproof polycarbonate. The sleek design and durability makes Aliso Barware a stylish choice for casual dining, outdoor events or poolside service. Eliminate the risk of broken glass with Aliso. The shapes and sizes of Aliso offer a wide variety of uses. The wine glass holds a generous eightounce serving; the pilsner and mug hold a full twelve-ounce serving with room for a frosty head. Use the martini, pilsner and goblet shapes to create elegant desserts and exotic drink presentations.


Cambro’s newest non-skid service tray is a stylish addition to every meal and drink service operation – the Epictread! Constructed with a molded-in, durable no-slip surface and sleek handles, this tray solution is outstanding for bars and hospitality service. Available in 6 bold colors, with personalization options on top and bottom, the Epictread stands out in brand value and statement. Stacking lugs ensure quick, hygienic drying, and perfect stacking. Safe for high heat commercial dishwashers, ensuring years of fast-paced, epic service! Choose an Epictread to make your tray service long lasting and unforgettable.