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Founded in 1962, for 50 years now Ifi has been the brand to watch at the international level for style, technology and design in food & beverage businesses. Innovation, research in food science, engineering and design know-how are the fundamentals of a single guideline: continuous improvement of people’s well-being through food conservation, their display, hygiene, functioning, and the creation of places for exchange. Working on interpreting people’s unexpressed needs, Ifi has brought artisanal gelato into the international elite of style. It is, in fact, the only company in the world to boast the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award (in 2014 and 2018), as well as numerous honorary mentions for technology and furnishing concepts. The company has also been a global ambassador for Italian design, with its Farnesina Design Collection.

Ifi is headquartered in Tavullia, employing over 355 workers in 50,000 sq. m. of manufacturing plants located in 6 factories in the Marches-Romagnolo area, and Ifi is divided into 3 business units: Ifi, Ifi Contract, et al. that offer stylish solutions for seating and furnishings.



With bellevue and Panorama technology the great book of Artisan Gelato opened a new chapter, a turning point for the talents of Artisan Gelato-makers. The enlighted vision of an entrepreneur and the DNA of IFI’s R&D Department managed to synthesize and highlight two fundamental charachteristics of gelato making that have always been the antithesis of each other without compromising either: perfect preservation of the gelato in the pozzetti and visibility of the flavours in display cases. There are many other benefits: hygiene, energy savings compared with traditional display cases, the possibility of managing different temperatures in very small spaces, ergonomics and its modular nature. And that’s not all: thanks to its versatility, the Panorama Technology opens new business horizons for artisan gelato-makers and those designing new premises.


IFI’s icon, gelato display case Tonda has told the tale in over sixty countries of the world of a dream come true through the alchemy of a playful vision and cutting-edge technology, never seen before in the world of artisan gelato. The first round and rotating display case in history, capable of treating gelato to the playful dimension of the world of childhood to which it belongs, this gelato display case offers the perfect combination of ideal preservation of gelato in pozzetti counters and the appealing display of the flavours, a marvel of technology and quality which earned it an ADI Compasso d’Oro Mention and a call to be part of the Farnesina Design Collection and, above all, the unconditional love of an increasing number of artisan gelato-makers across the world.


Like aesthetics and taste in the confectioner’s art, form and functionality are bound together in the design of Colonna. Colonna creates a connection: a place where the confectioner’s know-how expresses itself and meets the desire of the taster. Free from loads, decorations and superstructures, Colonna creates symmetrical relationships and circular dynamics around itself wherever it is placed.

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IFI counts on a huge range of pozzetti, with different types of refrigeration: static, ventilated or glycol. The ventilated pozzetti were first launched into the market by IFI (2005) and can be with reserve, without reserve or combined, in order to host the condensing unit.

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