MEC3 Granfrutta Amarena (Black Cherry) – 24140

MEC3 technology at the service of good artisanal Gelato, a new line of 10 high dosage pastes for rich fruit sorbets.
An innovative solution for creating quality gelato using a new method: all the best of fruit with the added convenience of a semi-finished product.
The artisanal gelato’s favourite fruit:
High percentage of fruit
Selected raw materials
Guaranteed standard of quality
Prepare just with water
Produced without adding:
Vegetable fats
Per litre: 785 g of product +1 L of water
Per tray: 1,65 Kg of product + 2,1 L of water
Per ice-lolly: 500 g of product + 1 L of water
We recommend mixing the mixture using a blender and batch freezing briefly.
For a creamier consistency, incorporate 3g of SOFTIN (code 06069) per kg of mix.
SALES COMPONENT: Box containing 2 x 5 Kg buckets



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